Twitter: @liamanewman

I have gained thorough experience working under the tutelage of social media trainer and consultant Andrew Davis, in a position of online content production as community manager for a football website. Through my work for Andrew on as well as through managing the website’s accompanying social networking platforms, I have developed proficient knowledge of CMS (specifically WordPress), SEO and analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Insights.

My success with Football and Social Media led to me being approached for external online freelance work by other companies, including setting up a partnership with social media monitoring company ‘Brandwatch’ (who in turn gave me full access to their company’s monitoring application).

During my time at University, I garnered success during ‘Enterprise by Design 2011’. I was selected as Head of Marketing for this business competition, and the ten-week multi-disciplinary course involved teaming up with Business, Design, Psychology and Engineering representatives to successfully develop, market and produce a product for camping equipment manufacturer Gelert. Spearheading the marketing division of our team, I helped develop a clear and focused identity for our product, and a strategy for how to convey this image to our potential buyers. Our success within this competition was recognised as we were winning finalists, and received a substantial cash prize.

My background and interest in journalism has also led to me writing articles for a number of other publications, both print and digital, including features in LowDown Magazine, The Flintshire Evening Leader and The Football Reporter. These experiences have helped me to develop a high standard of written competency and an ability to produce engaging content in a variety of styles depending on the audience.

Previous retail employment has also helped me to develop strong interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work confidently within a highly pressurised environment. I have also been given roles of responsibility within retail, developing my team-leadership and delegation skills.


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