The Return of Myspace?

It has been many years since I had a profile on Myspace, the website synonymous with bulletin posts, profile songs and trading picture comments. Like many other people, my allegiance switched to Facebook when it became apparent that it was becoming the new social media behemoth. In April 2008, Myspace’s crown was officially taken by Facebook when they began to receive more unique worldwide visitors, and the site once valued at $12 billion has been playing a (failed) game of catch-up ever since.

Back in September, Justin Timberlake (now co-owner of Myspace) tweeted an image of the new re-designed layout, and a buzz began surrounding the previously fledgling site. Details have emerged about a top-to-bottom revamp of the entire website, with the new Timberlake/Vanderhook management team from Specific Media looking to remove all traces of News Corp’s influence (which had turned the once popular service into a confusing and muddled shell of its former self). Although the brand spanking new service won’t be rolled out to the public until at least early 2013, a few lucky users have been invited to the private beta. The guys over at TechRadar have managed to have a quick look, and their views are on the whole positive, praising the site’s gorgeous interface and clever new features. One intriguing feature is ‘affinity’, which grades your similarity to another user as a percentage, based on common interests such as bands and books.

Overall, the site looks a lot slicker then its predecessor, and after viewing their official teaser video (available to watch below), I can say that Myspace has done enough to get me to sign up once again when it is officially launched next year. Social media is an industry of progression, and once a site loses it’s place in the spotlight, they have tended to not return to their glory days. However, the bold (and necessary) decision to revamp Myspace from scratch has given the service a shot at re-writing the rules for social media sites.


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